VR Design Tool ‘Gravity Sketch’ Raises $1.7 Million With Participation from Wacom

Gravity Sketch, a concepting & design tool made for VR, has raised $1.7 million in venture capital.

Gravity Sketch, which allows VR users to quickly and easily sketch out 3D industrial design concepts, today announced that the company has raised a $1.7 million seed investment, according to UKTN. The seed round was led by VC firm Forward Partners, with participation by Super Ventures and Wacom.

Wacom is a leading provider of digital design hardware, best known for its high-precision graphics tablets and similar touch & stylus input technology; it’s a big name in the design space, and a strong vote of confidence for Gravity Sketch.

The Gravity Sketch app launched in Early Access on Steam back in August of 2017. While not tremendously well rated by the Steam audience at present, I’ve spoken with one veteran industrial designer who said that the program is a revelation for sketching out 3D designs and rapidly iterating upon them.

Matthew Bradley from Forward Partners, who has joined the Gravity Sketch board as part of the deal, told UKTN that he believes the company’s solution fills a niche not served by CAD tools.

Designing anything that is physical which is at all massive—whether it’s a car, a shoe, a building—is a complicated and old fashioned process. CAD is great but fussy and extremely detailed. What the team at Gravity Sketch has achieved is complementary to existing top-class CAD software yet will achieve huge efficiencies and improvements in the design process. It’s the best use of VR in the enterprise that I’ve ever seen.

The company has also offers a Gravity Sketch design app for the iPad.

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