‘Plex VR’ App Comes to Gear VR, Social VR Viewing to Arrive ‘in a few weeks’

Plex, the media server software that lets you stream your own video, music, and photos to a bevy of devices, has landed on Gear VR with its latest app Plex VR. The app, which includes support for 360180-degree and 3D videos, first made its way to the Daydream platform earlier this year.

Update (04/06/18): Plex VR is now available on Gear VR for free, giving you all the abilities of the Daydream Plex VR app minus the ability to host multi-user viewing sessions. Plex says in a recent blog post that the social VR function will be available on Gear VR “within a few weeks.”

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Original Article (01/25/18): On top of letting you stream any content stored on your Plex media server, the app features interactive environments and social viewing with 3D avatars. At the time of this writing, environments include a luxury apartment, a space-based ‘Void’ theater, and a traditional drive-in theater.

The drive-in theater is for Plex Premium members only however, a subscription service that lets you additionally record TV for free over the air, sync your media for offline viewing, enable parental controls, and have ‘enhanced’ media playback.

In the VR app, you can resize and reposition content windows, bookmark a show by creating interactive magazine-like objects, and view 3D and 360 video. More importantly, you can pop into a friend’s media server and watch their locally-store content with them—sort of like popping over to a friend’s house to watch their TV.

You can download the new Plex app through the Daydream Store, or get Plex VR on Google Play.

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