Play VR Rhythm Game ‘BOXVR’ on Rift for Free This Weekend

BOXVR (2017), a VR boxing rhythm game from fitness game studio FitXR, is hosting a free access period for Rift players this weekend.

BoxVR’s free access weekend takes place between May 3rd and May 7th, ending at 3:00 AM ET (local end time here). Simply download the game via the Oculus Store and get punching, ducking, and dodging to the beat.

The game, which pits you against a variety of incoming punching targets and barriers, features some pretty high BPM music, resulting in a calorie-burning workout that will get you squatting and shadow boxing until you can’t take any more.

With all of the limelight on Beat Saber (2018) following its spectacular release, which saw it shoot to the number one spot on Steam, BoxVR is determined to not be overlooked, as it just updated to add a new futuristic environment, new punching cues that are “more natural to hit,” and two new beginner workouts.

The game currently boasts a 4/5 star rating on the Oculus Store, and a 98% positive review rate on Steam.

Although punching cues have changes somewhat since launch, check out VR Fitness Insider’s mixed reality video below to see what’s in store:

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