LG Confirms No Presence at GDC, the One Year Anniversary of Their Headset’s Reveal

At GDC 2017 last year, LG made the surprise introduction of a SteamVR headset boasting high resolution displays and an interesting ergonomic design. After HTC’s Vive, It would be the first SteamVR headset introduced by a major company and also making use of SteamVR Tracking. Having heard almost nothing since that initial introduction, many hoped that GDC 2018 would see the first glimpse of an update on the status of the headset. Alas, the company has confirmed they aren’t present at GDC.

LG’s unnamed SteamVR headset generated buzz at the time of its introduction. Not only would those in the SteamVR ecosystem have a new choice of headset, but it would also inject serious competition into the headset marketplace, as LG’s SteamVR headset showed off some improved ergonomics including a flip-up display and halo-style head strap for improved weight distribution. LG’s prototype headset also included a pair of redesigned SteamVR motion controllers, and a higher resolution display, bumping past the Vive’s 1,080×1,200 per eye resolution to 1,440×1,280 per eye resolution.

LG has so far remained mum on its Steam VR headset since GDC 2017, and one year later, that’s still the status quo. When we reached out to the company an LG spokesperson confirmed to Road to VR, “LG will not be present at GDC this year.”

Check out our hands-on with LG’s headset to see what we’ll be missing out on. We have boots on the ground at this year’s GDC, so make sure to follow us this week as we search out all things VR/AR.

Additional reporting by Scott Hayden

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