GDC 2018: Talk on Creating Games for Magic Leap One, Live Blog @3PM PDT

Now that Magic Leap has officially launched its Lumin SDK, a dev toolkit which allows developers to build AR experiences for Lumin OS, the operating system that powers the Magic Leap One headset, we expect to hear more specific insight in the company’s GDC talk entitled ‘Mixed Reality: Bringing Games and AI to the Real World’.

Presented by Interaction Director Aleissia Laidacker and Interaction Lab Director Brian Schwab, we’re hoping to hear more insight into the development process for the upcoming Magic Leap One, the company’s first AR headset which was recently confirmed to have integrated eye-tracking, room-scanning and more.

The talk is taking place today at 3PM PDT (local time here), and will go for approximately an hour and half. Road to VR Executive Editor Ben Lang will be manning the keyboard, so get ready for speedy fingers and insightful commentary. Here’s the description of the talk:

Mixed reality is the combination of the real world with virtual worlds, allowing developers to bring games and interaction to the real world around you. This relatively new medium presents a number of unique challenges not normally faced by “normal” game AI. Because both the real world and the virtual world need to understand the other, AI and data parsing are huge areas for AI work. This session will explain the “what, why, and how” of mixed reality to develop truly immersive experiences.

Attendees will understand what mixed reality really is and the challenges faced that AI will help solve for this new emerging technology.

We’ll update this page with our live blog closer to the talk, so keep the page up and refresh if it doesn’t automatically appear.

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