‘Drunk or Dead’ Studio Announces Starship Trooper-Style Shooter ‘B3’

4 I Lab, the studio behind Drunk or Dead (2017), released a trailer announcing their next game, B3, a co-op VR shooter that’s definitely borrowing some of its vibe from Starship Troopers (1997).

Not much is known about the game besides its release date, fall 2019, and its target platforms, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Windows “Mixed Reality” VR headsets.

According to the trailer, it will launch on Steam.

4 I Lab, a Belarus-based VR studio, appears to be basing B3 off their prototype game SST, which was Greenlit on Steam last year. Although it’s not certain at this point, here’s a description from the SST Steam page:

Stand at the frontline of defence and play your key role in this war, to reverse its course into humanity’s win and immortalize your name with great deeds!

SST is a first person co-op VR-shooter where you defend your base from waves of attacking monsters.The base is protected from back and sides with mountains. On the front side it has a wall with firing points. To protect the base, you need to move all around this points, using a teleport system. So, when you need to go to another point, you look on the flag above it and instantly teleport to the point.

Monsters appear from the side of the desert in random waves. They attack the wall. After the destruction of the wall monsters penetrate the base. The game is over when first monster reaches the control point inside the base. There will be several types of monsters and they will require different tactics to defeat them.

The studio has released several DLCs for Drunk or Dead in the past year, a zombie shooter that puts plenty of emphasis on bar hopping (and shooting) your way through western honky-tonks. Like Drunk or Die, we’re hoping for a high degree of polish to the Starship Trooper-style wave shooter.

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