Chinese VR Zombie Action-shooter ‘The Walker’ Launches on PSVR Today

The Walker (2018) is a VR action-shooter from Haymaker that puts a six-shooter in one hand and magic talismans in the other—all to fend off zombies of increasingly horrific sizes in the streets of old Shanghai. The Walker is now available on PSVR in the US; EU players will have to wait until July 6th for the game to hit PSN.

The Walker comes as a result of a partnership between Sony Interactive Entertainment and what they called “some of Asia’s most exciting developers” when it was revealed at last year’s ChinaJoy expo.

As the last remaining heir of a family of undead exorcist, you have a few weapons at your disposal: magical Chinese talismans, a magical zombie-killing sword, and of course a revolver to get those pesky crawlers that jump out at you.

Talismans let you activate elemental buffs on both long-ranged and close-ranged weapons, making it easier to break those shield-wielding monsters with a precision headshot, or blocking their incoming sword attacks. Magical projectiles help you freeze or shock your enemies in the heat of the frenzy.

The game plays out essentially as a number of setpieces, meaning you’ll have to defend each area as you are automatically telelported through the story’s stages. The Walker also features a Challenge mode and a Rampage mode for post-campaign gameplay.

Our friends over at VR and Fun posted a seven-minute gameplay video that gives you a quick peek into what the game is all about:

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