Cheeky Airport Security Game ‘TSA Frisky’ to Launch May 17th

TSA Frisky is an upcoming room-scale game that turns the tables on travelers and their would-be airport security officers. The game, which appears to be a cheeky cross between Papers, Please (2013) and Job Simulator (2016), is slated to arrive on Steam for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Windows VR Headsets on May 17th.

Armed with a pair of blue latex gloves, you step into the lucrative career of TSA agent, the soldiers on the front line protecting the world from terrorism and water bottle smugglers alike.

Your end goal is to get into management, where you’ll never have to touch another person again – in the meantime you’ll have to pat down passengers and relieve them of any contraband you may find. Between you and the cushy job upstairs is a lot of stress though, which can make you black out as you attempt to clear all the passengers and their suitcases through the security gates with the clock ticking. You also search through each passengers’ luggage, and dispose of the contraband accordingly; Accepted items go in the green bin – prohibited items go in the red bin.

Out There Entertainment co-founder Remy Bustani says the team “liked the idea of taking the dreaded security check at the airport and use VR to really exploit the fun in that. VR is a unique platform and gives us as developers the tools to take something out of real life and make something fun out of it.”

You can try out the free demo on Steam now.

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